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All About Hardwood Flooring in Brea, CA

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most classic flooring types around, and here at Pat’s Carpet it is a staple. We have a large collection of wood flooring. With our flooring inventory comes expert guidance in choosing new floors and a high quality installation every time.

Hardwood Flooring Store in Brea, CA
Hardwood Flooring Store in Brea, CA

Why Hardwood?

Deciding to go with hardwood flooring means you’re ready to invest in your home. As a long-lasting option for flooring, hardwood stands at the top of the list. You will love the look of your home once you update it with hardwood. So why would you want to choose this type of flooring for your home?

Wood flooring adapts to pretty much any style of home and decor. It brings a level of class to the room and enhances the look and feel of the home. Hardwood floors stand the test of time, because they can be refinished which makes them last longer than any other floors around.

We can help you find your perfect match right here in our showroom in Brea, CA!

Our Hardwood Selection

We are committed to giving our customers quality. That means we choose the best Hardwood flooring around. Having sustainable options is another priority for us here at Pat’s  Carpet.

We choose each product for its beauty, ability to hold up to wear and tear. We also try to keep in mind the impact it has on the environment. We offer a variety of flooring options, including oak and bamboo, to fit your style and budget. Choose from our collection of beautiful and timeless designs.

We’re sure you’ll find something beautiful to transform your home with!

Hardwood Selection in Brea, CA

Customized Solutions

Your home reflects your style, that’s why our team offers personal consultations. We will help you through the process of selecting your new floors and make sure they meet all of your needs.

We will keep in mind how much foot traffic will be going on to color coordinating your floors with other parts of your home. Your floors will stand up to the demands of daily life and complement your home decor.

Hardwood Flooring Services in Brea, CA

Expert Installation Services

Installing your new wood floors is where we truly shine. Our installers are experts in the installation method.

They will be sure to use the right tools and the latest techniques during the installation process for each plank perfectly. We’ll make sure to help you create a beautiful foundation for your home that lasts. Our ability to pay attention to every small detail means you will have things done right.

From preparing the subfloor to laying each plank and all of the finishing touches, we are focused on giving you beautiful floors.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Brea, CA
Hardwood Care And Installation in Brea, CA

Sustainability and Care

Here at Pat’s Carpet, we are focused on quality and care. We can help you understand how to care for your new hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring can last a long time when treated well and cared for. Our flooring experts can help you understand how to keep up with your new flooring material.

We want whatever type of wood flooring you choose to last for many years to come.

Discover the Pat's Difference

Embark on your flooring journey with Pat’s Carpet in Brea, CA. Our dedication to quality, personalized service, and craftsmanship ensures a shopping experience as enduring and remarkable as our hardwood floors. Visit our showroom to explore the possibilities and let us help you make your vision a reality.

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